Our History

Istituti Callegari was founded in 1937 by the enterprising Sante Callegari, a researcher and anthropometry expert in the tailoring field.

After its launch period during the difficult years of the second world war, Istituti Callegari came into its own during the economic boom.

Short history and main acknowledgments

  • 1937: Founding of Istituti Callegari by Sante Callegari
  • 1952: The Italian Union of the Chambers of Commerce awards Istituti Callegari with the ‘Diploma di Medaglia d’oro’ (Gold Medal award) for its teaching and training methodology
  • 1967: The International Exhibition of Inventions in Brussels awards Istituti Callegari with the ‘Diploma di Medaglia d'argento’ (Silver Medal award) for teaching innovation
  • 1973: The Accademia Tiberina in Rome nominates Professor Sante Callegari as an ‘Accademico Tiberino ad Onorem’ (honourary Tiberino Academic) for his innate ability to coincide Istituti Callegari’s evolution with that of the business world
  • 1976: The Ministero dell'Industria e del Lavoro (Italian Ministry for Industry and Labour) awards Istituti Callegari with the success prize ‘Jumbo jet d’oro’ (Golden Jumbo Jet) for its ability to manage the School in relation to its expansion both in terms of its size as well as in the sector
  • 1981: The ‘Unione della Legion d'oro’ of the Accademia Tiberina awards Istituti Callegari the ‘Diploma di Merito’ (Merit Award) for its teaching and academic methodology
  • 1996: Istituti Callegari launches courses funded by the European Social Fund
  • 2003: The European Union, Ministry of Labour, and many Italian Regions count Istituti Callegari amongst acknowledged and accredited training bodies
  • 2007: The Cepu group acquires Istituti Callegari
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