Istituti Callegari in collaboration with Eureka Engineering in Palermo

Istituti Callegari has formed an area partnership with Eureka Engineering. This is a collaboration which adds technical and educational value to the Interior Design course which is offered in the School in Palermo.

Since 2002, Eureka Engineering has been the historical Autodesk Training Center (ATC) of Palermo. In addition, it is an Autodesk Certified Centre (ACC) as well as the only centre for advanced professional training in Sicily that also has Adobe certification (AATC) and is Rhino-McNeel (ARTC) certified.

Eureka Engineering was awarded Best Autodesk Training Centre of Italy in 2006 and 2008.

It is the only ATC official partner for the Associations of Architects and Engineers of Palermo.
The only ATC in partnership with the Faculty of Architecture of Palermo which has a classroom within the Faculty itself. The only ATC in Sicily that can boast a numerous staff of certified teachers, experts and professionals in the related teaching sector.

Brunelle Ilse Francesca Mangano Gianni Stabile